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Modern Web Development for the new Internet

Create and deploy powerful websites, custom web applications, plugins, widgets and back-ends that perform well in the most extreme situations. We will go the extra mile to make sure the end product suits your business needs by understanding your market requirements and product positioning. The focus will be on your customer to deliver a rich user experience across all platforms.

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We build omni-channel web solutions for businesses by shaping ideas into products


Blocksera is a premium web development company that focuses on creating robust web technologies in short span of time

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At Blocksera, our focus is on customer satisfaction, and we go out of our way to build a successful relationship with our clients.

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We combine various tools, technical expertise and experience to deliver custom web solutions that will leave your customers in awe.

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We’re simply awesome at what we do

Dedicated Team Effort To All Websites
A dedicate team of highly skilled professionals for your project
Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
100% satisfaction guaranteed
Value Every Customer And Product
We understand the true value of your website
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Passionate towards customer success


Best Website Customization and Development

Website customization or Development

We are experienced in crafting elegant and functional websites with 100% accuracy.

Our team of experts are updated with latest website trends and will use cutting-edge technologies to deliver fully functional, highly dynamic and interactive web solutions for your organization’s various web requirements.Our web development services are second to none when it comes to delivering on customer satisfaction. Whether you’re looking to build an ecommerce store, a blog, or simple website for your business, we have the technical expertise to help you succeed.

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Help To Install Wordpress Plugin Or Theme

WordPress – Theme/Plugin Installation

Having trouble installing a particular WordPress theme or plugin?

At Blocksera, we will effortlessly install and update your WordPress theme along with latest plugins that will benefit your website.

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Excellent Custom Plugin Or Theme Development

Custom Theme/Plugin Development

Blocksera is a leading web development company in India with a passionate team of web developers who will tactically develop and deploy custom plugins and themes that suit your business needs.

We develop themes and plugins that are user friendly, scalable, customizable and secure. We are backed by the right skillset and technical expertise to take your plugin from idea to deployment. Our WordPress developers are experienced in developing successful plugins that perform well across various devices and browsers.

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Reliable BackEnd Development

Back-End Development

Having a beautiful design with a poor back-end is like having a beautiful sports car with a poor engine.

Most web and mobile applications require a server side back-end to process, store and manage data. Back-end development is one of the most important aspects for web/mobile development as it is responsible for the performance. While users may not see your back-end, they will surely experience the power through your product’s functionality. Our team takes back-end development very seriously to deliver powerful high-load performance systems with enhanced stability.

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Awesome FrontEnd Development

Front-End Development

While having a robust back-end is important, it is equally as important to have a user interface user can’t help but fall in love with.

Each of our products is made with such great care that you can’t help but admire the stunning UI. We use the latest technologies during our front-end development process and go the extra mile to make your product stand out from the crowd. We have some of the best front-end developers working at Blocksera who will make your boldest fantasies come true in terms of design, functionality and performance.

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To Speed Up Your Site

Speed Up Your Site

40% of visitors expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds. A fast website is crucial to increase your visitors and PageRank.

We will optimize all the content on your site to ensure your website loads in an instant. Our team of dedicated developers will monitor all the image and video files and use cutting-edge technologies to compress these files to speed up your site and boost conversion rate.

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Brilliant Website Audit

Website Audit

A website with faulty code and poor functionality could do more harm than good for your business.

At Blocksera, we believe that a healthy website is a happy website. Our Website audit team will scan your website using various tools to identify bottlenecks that are harming your site’s functionality. We will manually search for on-site and off-site issues that preventing your website from performing well and provide you with actionable tips on how you can rectify these issues.

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Flexible Website Migration

Website Migration

Our website migration service involves transferring a website from any existing web host to a different web host.

We understand the value of your data, and will therefor take utmost care in transferring all your files to the new web host. We will also help you in selecting the right web host according to your business needs. Our team will maintain a full transparency during the migration process ensuring seamless and comfortable migration.

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