31 Aug, 2019

version 1.4.2

fixedIE script compatability

17 Aug, 2019

version 1.4.1

fixedDisable Tablet & Mobile Animation condition not working

11 June, 2019

version 1.4.0

new Units (PX and %) added for Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Move Horizontal and Move Vertical Properties

new Option (Static) added for Position Property

new Option (Flex and Inline-Flex) added for Display Property

improved Animation Builder UI improvements

fixed Properties Unit Value Calculation

fixed Admin Side Script Fixes

28 May, 2019

version 1.3.1

improvedSVG Fixes

13 May, 2019

version 1.3.0

newAdded More CSS Options

08 May, 2019

version 1.2.0

newResponsiveness - Device based value control for Tablet & Mobile

newResponsiveness - Disable Option for Tablet & Mobile

newAdmin Feature - Device, full width, full screen option

19 April, 2019

version 1.1.0

newMulti Scenes Option

newShortcode Feature

newDraw SVG Option with color and width adjustment feature

improvedVisual Preview Builder Editor Improvements

fixedMore Fixes

28 March, 2019

version 1.0.0

newInitial version