17 July, 2020

version 1.2.7

fixedStocks not linked in search widget

04 July, 2020

version 1.2.6

newTitle and description for virtual stock pages

improvedNew parameter auto="true" to detect symbol from stock page. Eg., [mstock info="price" auto="true"]

15 Jun, 2020

version 1.2.5

newStock pages and customizable stock links

05 May, 2020

version 1.2.4

newAsset name and symbol overrides

14 Feb, 2020

version 1.2.3

newChart height setting to control, well, chart height!

newSearch widget

improvedStock images are extracted automatically while activating the plugin

fixedChart skipping days in 3mo, 6mo and 1y intervals

fixedWrong sorting of table by marketcap and other columns

04 Feb, 2020

version 1.2.2

fixedSupport for stock page links (use "msw-stock" custom field)

improvedForm fields appearance with WordPress 5.3 and above

13 Dec, 2019

version 1.2.1

fixedStock logos getting shrunk in some places

fixedNews widget not loading if it contains date

07 Nov, 2019

version 1.2.0

newLogos for forex currency pairs

newSettings saved message

improvedDisplay of large numbers like marketcap, volume, shares, etc


fixedChart toolbar does not appear in firefox

fixedTheme font does not apply for chart

fixedDefault currency format changes when adding new format

fixedPermission of logos folder causing logos does not appear

deprecatedReserved function names causing conflict in certain PHP versions

26 Oct, 2019

version 1.1.1

newOverride asset in shortcode e.g. [mstock id="23" asset="goog"]

fixedTicker taking too much space in some themes

01 Oct, 2019

version 1.1.0

newCurrency formatting settings

newMissing translations

improvedGracefully handle missing or empty data

improvedChange and change percentage visibility

fixedCharts hidden in table settings

fixedCharts in ticker taking huge space

17 Sep, 2019

version 1.0.0

newInitial version