Pure CSS scrolling crypto ticker to provide smoother performance in any device

Enter your widget title and choose the widget type Ticker. You also need to select which coins to show on your widget.

Check the screenshot below.

Ticker Position

We provide three options to display your ticker widget.

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Anywhere
If you create a header or footer ticker widget, the plugin will automatically show the widget without a shortcode.

Ticker Design

Select either one design from Ticker design drop down box.

Ticker default

Ticker with graph chart

Ticker Theme

select any one from 7 different color theme for ticker widget.

  • you can also use custom colors by enabling custom color theme option.

Ticker speed

Control how fast the ticker moves by dragging the slider control. Move the slider to 0 to make the ticker static.

Display Options

  • Real Time - you can enable or disable the real time coin price updates.
  • Show Logos - you can show or hide the coin logos.
  • Rounded - you can set rounded edges for the ticker.
  • 24h Change - you can enable or disable this option for 24 hours update.
  • Link to Coin Page - you can enable or disable link to coin page option. know more