Text shortcodes allows you to insert coin infomation anywhere like blog posts, comments, sidebar using easy to use shortcodes

This widgets will display coin information without any styling.

Text Widgets

  • Go to Settings > Shortcodes page of our plugin.
  • There you can find list of shortcodes which can display coin information.
  • choose any shortcode on type of information you would like to display.
  • Copy and paste the shortcode anywhere you want.

Note : These shorcodes for only simple text information for better appearance you can add style to it.

Shortcode Options

Each shortcode will help you to get different type of coin information with real time price update.

[mcrypto coin="Coin Symbol"] - This is the shortcode format you will have, you can fill with any coin symbol you want, for example [mcrypto coin="BTC"] and so on.

  • [mcrypto coin="BTC"] - This shortcode will get coin price with default currency USD for coin BTC.
  • [mcrypto coin="BTC" currency="EUR"] - This shortcode will get coin price in currency EUR for coin BTC, you can try with other currencies.
  • [mcrypto coin="BTC" info="rank"] - This shortcode will get coin rank for coin BTC.
    • info attribute will provide only the required information for selected coin.
  • [mcrypto coin="BTC" info="pricebtc"] - This shortcode will get pricebtc value for coin BTC.
  • [mcrypto coin="BTC" info="volume"] - This shortcode will get volume of a coin for coin BTC.
  • [mcrypto coin="BTC" info="marketcap"] - This shortcode will get marketcap price value in digits for coin BTC.
  • [mcrypto coin="BTC" info="marketcap" format="symbol"] - This shortcode will get marketcap price value in symbol for coin BTC to avoid large number of digits.
  • [mcrypto coin="BTC" info="change"] - This shortcode will get price change percentage for coin BTC.
  • [mcrypto coin="BTC" realtime="off"] - This shortcode will get coin price with realtime update off.