Modern looking tables with beautiful inline charts are best embedded on full width pages

Enter your widget title and choose the widget type Table. You also need to select which coins to show on your widget

Table Style

select style for your table theme either one from below.

  • Dark
  • Light

Table Rows

  • Set how many coins will be shown initially in the table.
  • If you want to view the next set of coins click next button in the table.
Note : choose number of coins per page between the range of total coins you have selected before.

Table Columns

Toggle any column on/off to display only the ones you need

You can also reorder the table column order to Your wish, table column will contain these values.

  • Coin
  • Price
  • Marketcap
  • Volume(24h)
  • Supply
  • Change
  • Last 24h
  • Symbol
  • Price(BTC)

Display Options

  • Real Time - you can enable or disable the real time coin price updates.
  • Link to Coin Page - you can enable or disable link to coin page option. know more