General Settings

  • Number Format - To represent the price format,you can select any one format from available.
    • US - This format of pricing will be like $1,234,567.89 USD
    • European - This format of pricing will be like €1.234.567,89 EUR
  • Cyrptocurrency Pages - Allow you to link your custom page to our widgets.
    • Coinpress - Coinpress is our new plugin to create automaticaly dynamic coin pages for all available coins.
      • You can simply get 1000s of coin pages by installing this plugin.
      • To know how to get benefits of this plugin check here
    • Custom Pages - This option is used to link your own custom coin pages to our widget.
      • If you have already created your own coin page then enable thos option and start to linkto your coin pages.
      • To know how to link your pages into our widget check here
  • Fonts - You can load number of fonts here.
    • This option is to avoid loading all fonts to your site.
    • Only selected fonts will be loaded in the site and you can use that font in widget appearence.
    • Loaded fonts will be available in all widget Font settings and you have to select which font to want.
  • Custom Css - You can add CSS if you need a small changes in widgets using this CSS Editor
  • Action - We provide delete option for coin cache.
    • Try deleting coin cache when if something is not working well.
    • Unless there is no neccessary to delete cache, our plugin will work fine.

Widget Settings

Chart widget

  • Padding option for both line and candlestick type charts.


You can get list of shortcodes for text widget.

  • If you want to display text widgets on your page you can use these shortcodes to display it.
  • Want to know how to use text shortcodes check here...

Click save details button after all changes you made.