Link coin page

  • Go to Settings > General page of our plugin.
  • Check the custom pages option to link your coin page.
  • All set now you can create your own coin page.
  • Click new page in dashborad and name the page.
  • If you have already created your coin page then click edit.
  • Go to Custom Field underneath the page settings.
  • If you can't find it please enable it by clicking screen option on the right top corner.
  • Enter mcw-coin in name field of custom field options.
  • Enter coin symbol whatever coin you want in value field, example: BTC for bitcoin and so on.
  • click Add Custom Field button

now your widgets coins are linked to your corresponding coin page, now you can show details in coin page about that coin.

you can move to coin page by cllicking the exact coin from any widget only if Link to coin page option is enabled in that widgets will get you to the coin page if you created it already.

you can also refer this below video to get you clear in this topic.