04 May, 2020

version 3.1.6

fixed Icon conflict with Divi builder

03 April, 2020

version 3.1.5

improved Changelly v2 widget

improved WordPress 5.4 support

18 December, 2019

version 3.1.4

new Missing translations for table pagination

18 November, 2019

version 3.1.3

fixed Insert statement error in some installations

07 November, 2019

version 3.1.2

fixed Calculator showing large numbers

15 October, 2019

version 3.1.1

fixed Prices showing empty in table from second page

11 October, 2019

version 3.1.0

new Show logos option for all widget types

new Currency formatting settings

improved Duplicate option now appears only for cryptocurrency widgets

12 September, 2019

version 3.0.5

newAll time option in chart

improvedCoin search behaviour in admin panel

25 Aug, 2019

version 3.0.3

improvedDatabase query compatibility

improvedProtection against sql injection attacks

01 Aug, 2019

version 3.0.2

newExtensions menu and page

fixedSymbols in multicurrency widgets

23 July, 2019

version 3.0.1

fixedCoin links to coinpress pages

13 July, 2019

version 3.0.0

newLicense verification system

newAdded hooks for easy extensibility

newSupport for ticker in RTL layout

newText shortcodes and coin linking now supports both symbol and slug

improvedHide removed coins from showing in coin selection list

improvedChart data appears for many more fiat currencies

improvedControls UI for widget and settings pages

improvedChangelly coins list

improvedAssets now loads only in admin pages where necessary

fixedIOTA chart

fixedBug where we cannot remove Google fonts completely

fixedCustom css and widget color settings

17 June, 2019

version 2.7.5

fixedNo coins available through Coinmarketcap api

11 May, 2019

version 2.7.4

new"Coin" parameter to force particular coin. Eg., [mcrypto id="9" coin="ethereum"] for ethereum chart

fixedInvalid coins in coinmarketcap api

fixedCustom page links

08 May, 2019

version 2.7.3

newWordpress 5.2 compatibility

fixedMinor bug with exchange rates

04 April, 2019

version 2.7.2

fixed"No coins selected" after previous update

04 April, 2019

version 2.7.1

newOption to switch to API

14 February, 2019

version 2.6.9

newPrice multiplier to text shortcode

fixedCalculator NaN issue when empty

07 February, 2019

version 2.6.8

newInherit theme font for charts by default

29 January, 2019

version 2.6.7

newChange coincap api for average prices of coins

improvedOptimized coins loading

22 January, 2019

version 2.6.6

newAPI changed

05 January, 2019

version 2.6.5

newThird fiat currency option

newSwapped price and volume in chart (Adjust candletick spacing in settings if numbers cut off)

newRealtime update for box widgets

newThrottled realtime update being too fast

newDetect coin automatically with [coinpress="true"] attribute in shortcode

improvedChange bitfinex to binance for realtime update

improvedUpdated translations

fixedXMLHttpRequest console err

fixedCurrency selector for card 6 widget

25 December, 2018

version 2.6.3

fixedShowing wrong coins

24 December, 2018

version 2.6.2

improvedWordpress 5 compatibility

07 December, 2018

version 2.6.1

newRetain coin selection order for all widgets

newAuto detect coin when widget placed in coin pages

newMissing links in table mobile view

01 December, 2018

version 2.6.0

newCoingecko API integration

improvedCalculator functionality

fixedCard 7 widget firefox bug

19 November, 2018

version 2.5.2

fixedCoin prices doesn’t update sometimes

17 November, 2018

version 2.5.0

newChangelly widget

newMulticurrency tabs widget

newNews widget

newCoinpress plugin integration

newBox 6 coin info design

improvedCollapsible widget editor

improvedRedesigned settings page

improvedCSS editor moved to settings with syntax highlighter

improvedText shortcodes moved to settings

improvedSingle coin select for chart and box widgets

improvedApplied uniform colors for all widgets

improvedPerformance improvements

29 October, 2018

version 2.4.8

improvedCompatibility with upcoming coinmarketcap plugin

14 October, 2018

version 2.4.7

fixedCoins not in correct order after saving

03 October, 2018

version 2.4.6

newNumber formatting for marketcap in text shortcode

29 September, 2018

version 2.4.5

fixedTable cutoff in mobile

27 September, 2018

version 2.4.4

fixedRealtime update breaks due to change in api

12 September, 2018

version 2.4.0

newSettings page

newSelect google fonts for widgets

newCustom CSS

newSupport for European currency format

newReal-time update percentage change

improvedResponsiveness of table in smaller screens

improvedCustomize chart color in ticker and table

improvedChange chart padding to fit different currencies

improvedCharts loading inside tabs

28 August, 2018

version 2.3.9

fixedWordPress customizer conflict

fixedTransparent color picker

22 August, 2018

version 2.3.8

improvedTicker smoothness

improvedChart responsiveness below 320px

06 August, 2018

version 2.3.6

fixedPermalink for coin pages

fixedInline charts not appearing in older browsers

06 August, 2018

version 2.3.5

newNew ticker design with charts

newSparkline box widgets

newText widgets

improvedTooltip formatting for charts

fixedRealtime switch

fixedVarious bugs

17 July, 2018

version 2.3.1

newOption to toggle link to coin pages

fixedTicker padding

13 July, 2018

version 2.3.0

newModern table design

newList widget

newLink your own posts/pages to table

newTranslation ready

improvedVisibility of coins in dark backgrounds

improvedAll widget styles

fixedCoin logos disappear sometimes in table

fixedCoins appear double times rarely

17 June, 2018

version 2.2.5

newNow toggle any column on/off in table

improvedAdded btc price in table

07 June, 2018

version 2.2.2

fixedCard, label responsiveness

fixedTicker getting hidden in admin settings

06 June, 2018

version 2.2.1

fixedFix IOTA charts

05 June, 2018

version 2.2.0

newTransparency option to color picker

improvedStylize card 7 design

05 June, 2018

version 2.1.1

fixed12-hour time format in charts

03 June, 2018

version 2.1.0

newFull width card design

01 June, 2018

version 2.0.0

improvedUpdates can be installed right within wordpress

fixedTicker speed remains constant when adding/removing coins

fixedOnly required scripts are loaded by widgets, improving site speed

fixedPlugin load time

fixedGoogle font not loading correctly

fixedMinor bugs

14 May, 2018

version 0.9.3

improvedCenter aligned weekly chart in table

fixedSort icons in table not appearing correnctly on some website

fixedCommas of volume change in ticker widget

14 May, 2018

version 0.9.2

fixedCurrency exchange rates api

09 May, 2018

version 0.9.0

newInitial version