Box widgets offer hybrid ways to display price and other information on your crypto site

Enter your widget title and choose the widget type Box. You also need to select which coins to show on your widget

  • Box widget only allows you to select single coin for per widget.
  • Box widget will show up with realtime price update.
  • If you would like to have more on your site you can create multiple Box widget for any coin.

Box Theme

select any one from 7 different color theme for box widget.

  • you can also use custom colors by enabling custom color theme option.

Box Design

Select either one design from 6 Box designs.

  • Design 1 - This design will show coin price, price changeup percentage, chart offset vlaues and date in widget.
  • Design 2 - This design will give you two dropdown box to change the coin name and currency format.
    • There you can view price of any coin by changing coin select box.
    • Also you can view the different currency values for each coin.
  • Design 3 - This design will showup coin name,price,volume,marketcap price,graph chart and supply.
  • Design 4 - This design will showup with simple coin name,price and graph chart.
  • Design 5 - This design will showup coin price,price changeup percentage and graph chart.
  • Design 6 - This design will showup coin name, coin logo, coin rank, coin price, price changeup for last 24h, volume, marketcap price, graph chart and supply in widget

Display Options

  • Real Time - you can enable or disable the real time coin price updates.
  • Link to Coin Page - you can enable or disable link to coin page option. know more