General Settings

Check the screenshot below to have a look at general setting page of the coinpress plugin.

  • Number Format - To represent the price format, you can select any one format from available.
    • US - This format of pricing will be like $1,234,567.89 USD.
    • European - This format of pricing will be like €1.234.567,89 EUR.
  • Base Currency - You can change the currency format of coin to be display.
  • Font - You can change the font here.
  • Changelly Affilate Url - Providing affilate link will give you more benefits on every buy and sell process.
    • Go to
    • Sign up with your email id or other possibilities given by
    • Complete all payout methods and instructions for cryptocurrency coin exchange.
    • Sign in with your account at the header menu you will find Affiliate Program a dropdown list.
    • From the dropdown list click Affiliate Dashboard.
    • Copy Affiliate link from your account dashboard.
    • Now go to Coinpress settings page.
    • Paste the Affiliate link in affilite link field.
  • News Feeds - Enter a url to get news feeds.
    • You can enter multiple news sites url one by one.
    • Each url should be in new line.
  • Sitemap - A site map is a model of a website's content designed to help both users and search engines navigate the site.
    • The main importance of sitemaps to SEO is that they enable search engines to crawl websites and collect this information,
    • Making it available whenever anyone in the world makes a specific search.
    • Sitemaps boost a website's SEO efforts greatly thereby enhancing the ranking of websites in search engines.
    • To know more about sitemap Check here
    • Click Generate Sitemap button to generate your sitemap.
    • You fill find a success message for generating sitemap and a link to view your sitemap coinpress.xml.
    • Click the link and copy the Url from address bar.
    • Submit Sitemap - You can submit this link to Google Webmaster Tool
    • You can find a link above the generate sitemap button, click it to submit sitemap.
    • To submit your sitemap in google webmaster you can refer this link click here
  • Content - If you've lost or changed the coin pages content, you can reset here.

Coin Details

  • Slug - Your coin details page url will be like: http://mysite/currencies/bitcoin
    • You can change the slug name currencies from this url.
    • For example http://mysite/mycryptocoins/bitcoin
    • After changing the slug name Go to settings > permalink and hit save changes button.
  • Page Title - You can set coin detail page's title.
    • Either you can set a static title for all pages.
    • Also you can get exact coin name as a title using this shotcode [coinmc type="name"].
  • Description - This field will be used to fill the coin description content in coin detail page.
    • Content for all coin page is fully instant and automated.
    • This option is used if data is not available for particular coin then content in this Description field will be displayed in coin detail page.
    • You can also change the content.
  • Custom Css - You can add your CSS if you need a small changes in widgets using this CSS Editor


If you want to display text information of coins on your page you can use these shortcodes to display it.

You must add coin slug as a attribute to these shortcodes to get data while you using other places except coin detail page for example : [coinmc type="name" coin="bitcoin"]

  • Note : While using this shortcode in coin detail page coin attribute is unnecessary. just copy and paste the shortcode to get information.
  • Simple Shortcodes - you can display any coin information using these shortcodes.
    • [coinmc type="name"] - This shortcode will display the name of the coin.
    • [coinmc type="desc"] - This shortcode will display the description of the coin.
    • [coinmc type="rank"] - This shortcode will display the coin rank among all cryptocurrencies.
    • [coinmc type="price"] - This shortcode will display the price of the coin.
    • [coinmc type="marketcap"] - This shortcode will display the marketcap price of the coin.
    • [coinmc type="change"] - This shortcode will display the coin change percentage in 24 hours.
    • [coinmc type="changetext"] - This shortcode will display increased or decreased based on 24 hours change percentage.
    • [coinmc type="volume"] - This shortcode will display coin volume in 24 hours.
  • Extra Attributes - You can also specify coin and currency to get specific data.
    • [coinmc type="price" coin="bitcoin"] - This shortcode will display bitcoin price, you can change tha coin name to any coin.
    • [coinmc type="marketcap" coin="ethereum" currency="eur"] - This shortcode will display ethereum's marketcap in euros,there you can change both the coin name and currency to which coin & currency you want to display.
  • Advanced Shortcodes - Theses shortcodes are styled and are usually a group of components

    Remember that advanced shortcodes will be useful only in coin detail pages, it won't work in other pages or anywhere else.

    • [coinmc type="logoname"] - This shortcode will display the coin name with logo.
    • [coinmc type="prices"] - This shortcode will display coin price with stats such as marketcap, volume, and supply.
    • [coinmc type="chart"] - This shortcode will display advanced chart with line and candlestick data.
    • [coinmc type="historical"] - This shortcode will display daily historical prices in a table format.
    • [coinmc type="market"] - This shortcode will display snapshot of relevant market pairs in exchanges.
    • [coinmc type="social"] - This shortcode will display twitter and reddit feed.
    • [coinmc type="comments"] - This shortcode will display facebook comments.
    • [coinmc type="tabs"] - This shortcode will display specially designed tabs.
      • Example :
            [coinmc type="tabs"] 
            [coinmc-tab icon="fas fa-comment" title="Tab Title"] 
            Your content.. 
      • You can change the icon (Font Awesome 5 Free) and the title

Click save details button after all changes you made.