Click add new widget then enter your widget title and choose the widget type Global.

This widget will have global information for overall cryptocurrencies like,

  • cryptocurrencies - Total number of currencies in the crypto market.
  • Market - Number of markets for cryptocurrencies.
  • Marketcap - Marketcap price value.
  • 24H Volume - Total volume of currencies for 24h.
  • BTC Dominance - Percentage of BTC dominance.


We provide three options to display your global widget.

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Anywhere
If you create a header or footer global widget, the plugin will automatically show the widget without a shortcode.


select any one from 5 different color theme for global widget.

  • you can also use custom colors by enabling custom color theme option.

Display Options

  • Rounded - you can give sharp edges or smooth edges to your widget.