17 August, 2020

version 2.2.2

fixed Settings page issue in WordPress 5.5

20 June, 2020

version 2.2.1

new Missing translations

04 May, 2020

version 2.2.0

new Colors for change text shortcodes

new Parameter format=\"abbr\" for marketcap text shortcode

09 April, 2020

version 2.1.9

fixed Markets tab not showing

03 April, 2020

version 2.1.8

new Text shortcodes for global data

improved WordPress 5.4 support

13 Feb, 2020

version 2.1.7

fixedCharts for stable coins like tether appearing as straight lines

fixedNo charts appearing for some coins with BTC exchange rate selected

20 Jan, 2020

version 2.1.6

newOrder by 1H, 7D and 3D change

18 Dec, 2019

version 2.1.5

newSetting to change chart color in coin pages

18 Nov, 2019

version 2.1.4

fixedInsert error in some installations

02 Nov, 2019

version 2.1.3

fixedChange displays NaN% for currencies other than dollars

08 Oct, 2019

version 2.1.1

fixedConflict with pagination if table page and coin page slug are the same

fixedPrices of coins like Cardano, Stellar, etc

fixedRealtime price of coin in title bar showing html tags

06 Oct, 2019

version 2.1.0

newCurrency format settings for more control on currency symbols

newSupport for SEOPress plugin

improvedRemember table pagination when visiting coin page and going back

improvedCoin page responsiveness

27 Aug, 2019

version 2.0.5

newKeywords (aliases) field in cryptocurrency editor which can be used for table search

newAll time in coin page chart

improvedCoins are more accurate in editors when searching for symbol or coin name

deprecatedDefault Google font used in admin pages

25 Aug, 2019

version 2.0.4

improvedDatabase queries

improvedProtection against sql injection attacks

09 Aug, 2019

version 2.0.3

fixedCoin details missing for new installations

01 Aug, 2019

version 2.0.2

newExtensions menu and page

15 July, 2019

version 2.0.1

fixedSupply text shortcodes

13 July, 2019

version 2.0.0

newLicense verification system

newAdded hooks for easy extensibility

newText shortcodes and coin linking now supports both symbol and slug

improvedMeta description fallback order

improvedHide removed coins from showing in coin selection list

improvedControls UI for widget and settings pages

improvedChangelly coins list

improvedAssets now loads only in admin pages where necessary

fixedIOTA chart

fixedCustom css and widget color settings

17 June, 2019

version 1.7.5

fixedNo coins available through Coinmarketcap api

02 June, 2019

version 1.7.4

new30 days change column

newFeature to enter separate description for SEO meta

11 May, 2019

version 1.7.3

FixedInvalid coins in coinmarketcap api

fixedCustom page links

08 May, 2019

version 1.7.2

newWordpress 5.2 compatibility

fixedBug where coins with same symbol have wrong redirects

16 April, 2019

version 1.7.1

newTranslations for table action menu

fixedBug where custom page link doesn't appear after navigating

fixedRank column disappear in mobile for Scroll responsive type

fixedCustom meta description

04 April, 2019

version 1.7.0

newOption to switch to API

newCustom affiliate links

newBTC price, supply and other text shortcodes

newAutomatically hide charts with no data in coin pages

improvedUpdated translations

21 March, 2019

version 1.6.7

newOption to link table to custom pages

fixedWeekly data missing error

13 March, 2019

version 1.6.6

fixedBug when editing coin page in Elementor

fixedcustom css from not working

11 March, 2019

version 1.6.5

newMarketcap change to global widget

improvedPage speed

29 January, 2019

version 1.6.3

newRedirect invalid coins to 404

newSearch coin in coin editor

newApply average prices for realtime update

newFixed calculator in coin pages

improvedOptimized coins loading

22 January, 2019

version 1.6.2

newAPI changed

18 January, 2019

version 1.6.1

newRealtime update and sync for prices in description

newSupport for All In One SEO and The SEO Framework

improvedTranslation update

fixedUnneccesary slashes in description

07 January, 2019

version 1.6.0

newCollapse responsive type to table

newThrottled realtime update being too fast

26 December, 2018

version 1.5.9

fixedDropdown working issue

25 December, 2018

version 1.5.8

fixedShowing wrong coins

newClear cache option in settings

24 December, 2018

version 1.5.6

improvementWordpress 5 compatibility

newAllow html in coin description

fixedWhitepaper url

fixedWatchlist not working

fixedMixed up charts in table

18 December, 2018

version 1.5.5

improvementChanged sitemap location to uploads

10 December, 2018

version 1.5.3

fixedCanonical urls for SEO

07 December, 2018

version 1.5.2

fixedProblem with translations

03 December, 2018

version 1.5.1

improvementSupport for old changelly links

01 December, 2018

version 1.5.0

newCoingecko API integration

28 November, 2018

version 1.4.0

newSet base fiat currency for coin pages

newSitemap generation

newTranslation ready

newNews tab in coin pages

newCoin and currency attributes to shortcodes

newFeature to reset default coin page content

newRealtime update price in title bar using [coinmc type="price"]

improvementVisual improvements

13 November, 2018

version 1.3.1

new7 days chart

newOptions to toggle fixed column and fixed header in table

04 November, 2018

version 1.3.0

newShow total supply when max supply isn't available

newDrag and drop reordering of coins in editor

newNew number (#) column

fixedSticky global widget not showing

fixedSearch now includes symbol

02 November, 2018

version 1.2.0

fixedGlobal widget "no coins" issue

fixedFontawesome conflict

29 October, 2018

version 1.0.0

newInitial version